Visual Studio: How to Auto Increment Version Number

This post shows you How to auto-increment version number of assembly in .NET

If you want to increase the assembly version automatically, you can do the following in Visual Studio.

Selecting Tools=>Extensions and Updates...=>Search 'increment version', then download and install 'Build Version Increment Add-In' into your Visual Studio.

build version increment add-in

After completing the installation, reopen your Visual Studio you will see the Add-in in the tools menu.

Selecting Tools=>Build Version Increment=>Settings

build version increment settings

Each version of any application has 4 parameters: Major, Minor, Build, Revision. For example: (

- The first number describes the major version.

- The second number describes the minor version.

- The 3rd number describes the order of the build version.

- The last number describes the revised version.

You can configure the way you want to increase the assembly version via the Versioning Style property.

c# auto increment version assembly

If everything is correct, after each rebuild of your project, you should see the assembly version automatically increase according to the configuration you have installed.