How to check the capacity of the hard drive, RAM capacity on Windows

This post shows you How to Check free hard drive space or RAM capacity on Windows.

How do I check my hard drive space?

Sometimes you want to check how much hard drive capacity as well as the amount of RAM on your computer is currently? This article will guide you in a detailed, accurate and fastest way to do this.

local disk

This way is very simple, go to This PC (My Computer). Then your hard drive will appear immediately in the interface This PC.

local disk properties

You can also right-click on them and then select Properties to view more detailed information.

Check your hard disk space using Disk Manager


You can press Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box, then type diskmgmt.msc and select OK.

disk management

At the window of Disk Manager, you will see your hard drive capacity will be displayed as full as the original capacity, free space ... etc

How do I check the RAM capacity on my computer?

To check your computer's RAM, you can right-click This PC icon, then select Properties.

As soon as a window appears, you can easily see how much RAM is currently on your computer.

task manager windows 10

In addition, you can also check the activity level of the computer RAM by pressing Esc + Shift + Ctrl to open Task Manager -> Then select to tab Performance. Here, Memory will display the percentage of RAM used by the computer.