How to optimize the system with CCleaner

This post shows you How to optimize the system with CCleaner software.

Usually your computer is used for a long time or during use will appear many junk files on the computer. It will slow down the performance of your computer, so you need a tool that can clean and optimize your computer system.

You can download the CCleaner at cleaner website.

ccleanerCCleaner is a free software that allows you to perform optimal functions such as deleting junk files, recovering hard drive space, removing software, cleaning and cleaning your computer system to help your system work better, and increase the speed of work.

1. Cleaner

Clearner includes 2 tabs, Windows and Application.

Windows Tab: includes functions to clean junk files, temporary files, history, cookies of Windows.

Applications tab: includes Firefox / Molliza, Google Chrome, applications, utilities on computers with the function of cleaning junk files, internet history, cookies of applications.

You can check the items before cleaning, then run the CCleaner to start cleaning.

2. Registry

Scan and check for problems on the system registry, remove leftover registry entries of removed software. You can select the files to remove by checking the box before the types you choose, then select Scan for Issues.

ccleaner registryThe program will check the errors encountered, then you can select Fix selected problems to fix them.

Note: Before fixing registry related problems, the program will allow you to backup the registry of the system in case an error occurs. You should back them up before the program proceeds to fix the error. The default registry backup file is saved in the My Documents folder. In case you need to recover, just right click on the file and choose Merge.

3. Tools

The program provides you with the necessary and useful functions including: Uninstall, Boot, System Restore and Disk Cleanup.

Uninstall: list the applications installed on your computer, you can uninstall any application, rename or delete.

Start: manage applications that start with the system, start when Internet explorer is turned on, Firefox can be turned off, enabled or deleted as you like.

System Restore: Manage all system restore points (System Restore Ponit) to restore the system to the state before system errors occurred.

Disk cleanup: provides secure data deletion feature, ensuring no recovery by any software. This is quite a useful feature.

4. Options

In the options section you can change the settings of CCleaner with the following items: Settings, Cookies, Include, Exclude, Advanced...etc

By using CCleaner regularly to clean the system, you can help the system operate more efficiently