How to publish ASP.NET website on Internet

By FoxLearn 10/6/2019 10:44:00 AM   5.39K
This post shows you How to publish ASP.NET website on Internet using Visual Studio.

How deploy .NET MVC application?

After completing the website building process, the final job is to publish your website on the internet. Through this article I will show you how to use visual studio to publish your website to any any hosting provider.

First you need to buy a domain name, you can buy the domain name at godaddy or any service provider. Next you need to choose a reputable hosting provider, you can buy hosting at a2hosting or interserver. Before buying a hosting, you should consider if your service provider supports windows hosting.

Note, if you are developing your application using then you need to register for a windows hosting, you should also pay attention to whether or not the hosting provider supports SQL Server.

After completing the domain name registration and hosting, you need to log in to the domain name administration section to point the DSN to the hosting you have purchased. Note that each hosting provider will have different DNS.

How do I publish a Web application in Visual Studio 2017?

Right-click on your website project, then select Publish =>Click New Profile.

You can download the profile publish from CPanel Hosting, then import to your visual studio.

import profile publish

You can also select IIS, FTP, etc, then click Publish

publish website to internet in visual studio

You need to enter hosting information, to publish your website to internet.

Note you need to create an FTP account to publish your website to hosting.

certificate error

If you see the above dialog box, you should choose View detail

install certificate

Click Install Certificate...

certificate import wizard

Click Next to continue

certificate store

Click Next to continue

completing the certificate import wizard

Click Finish

certificate import wizard

Click OK, then click Accept to publish your website to hosting.