How to Speed up Windows 10

This post shows you how to clean up Windows 10 computer junk to increase hard drive space and speed up your computer.

How to run disk cleanup windows 10?

When using the computer for a long time you will experience the computer is slow and hard drive capacity use more. To fix this situation, you need to clean the computer. Here we will learn how to clean a computer on Windows 10 in this article.

1. Use the Disk Cleanup tool on Windows 10

You need to click on the hard drive installed Windows => select Properties. This is the best way to free up disk space windows 10.

disk cleanup

Select Disk Cleanup.

disk cleanup win10

Click the item Clean up system files so that the Windows cleaner displays more system junk files such as Windows upadate files, error reports, etc.

disk cleanup process

You need to tick all but except Download if you have not backed up the downloaded file to your computer, then click OK to continue.

disk cleanup delete files

You just need to click on Delete Files to confirm.

2. Delete the System Restore file

The System Restore feature is useful in case the computer fails and you do not want to reinstall Windows, using System Restore will help you to restore the computer to its original settings without reinstalling Windows. If you do not need to use System Restore, we can turn them off by following these steps

You need to right-click This PC and select Properties, then select System protection.

system protection

Select the drive to turn off System Restore and then click Configure.

system protection

Check the Disable system protection box and click Delete.

system protection

A message box displays confirmation request, you need to click Continue to continue deleting junk files, then click Apply to save the settings.

Click Yes to agree to turn off System Restore.

3. Turn off hibernation (Hibernate)

Hibernate makes it possible to start the computer quickly. However, this feature will consume gigabytes of memory on your computer. To turn off the feature, press Windows key + R and type powercfg -h off, then press Enter to turn off Hibernate.

4. Use CCleaner software

CCleaner is a reputable garbage removal software and is trusted and used by many people everyday because of its efficiency and compactness, not consuming a lot of computer resources. You can use ccleaner for windows 10.

You can view this article to know how to use CCleaner software to cleanup your computer.