How to Turn Off Notifications in Windows 10

This post shows you How to turn off the notification feature on Windows 10 when playing games or watching movies .

Notification feature on Windows, especially Windows 10 is really useful when working. However, it is very annoying and annoying in many cases, for example when you are watching movies, playing games ...

But with a new feature called Focus Assist. This is a non-annoying feature on Windows 10 that allows you not to encounter any annoying notifications. Note that these settings only work when you play Game or watch Film Full screen, but when you work with the application, there is a notification as usual.

How do we turn off the notification in windows 10?

Select Settings by pressing Windows + I key combination, or open the Start menu => and then click the Settings icon right above the power button icon => then select System => and select Focus Assist.

setting windows 10

Select the Setting icon.

turn off notification win 10Select the System icon.

turn off notification windows 10You should turn off all to stop windows 10 notification pop-ups.

- When I'm duplicating my display.
- When I'm playing a game.
- When I'm using an app in full screen mode

So I have just very detailed instructions for you to turn off notifications when playing games on Windows 10. In other words, activate the do not disturb mode on Windows 10 when you play games or watch movies.