iOS 14.5 officially launched

As committed at the Spring Loaded event last week, Apple today released iOS 14.5 for iPhone users worldwide.

With so many new features, iOS 14.5 is one of the most anticipated mid-cycle updates ever.

ios 14.5 what's new

This update allows you to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch while wearing a mask, which was a useful feature during the complicated Covid-19 epidemic.

iPhone X or later can be unlocked when wearing Apple Watch Series 3 or later, when updated to watchOS 7.4

iOS 14.5 marks a big change for Apple in privacy and privacy policies. You can control which apps are tracking your activity to advertise or share data. After updating iOS 14.5, iPhone always asks users whether to share personal data with the app.

iOS 14.5 also officially supports AirTag.

siri voices

Another noteworthy improvement is the Siri virtual assistant in iOS 14.5, which allows changing voices. You can customize different types of accent and stress, to suit each individual, instead of the default female voice. Siri adds the ability to notify incoming calls, including reading the caller's name while you're wearing an AirPods or a Beats headset.

In addition, iOS 14.5 has more than 200 new emoji emoticons, along with a series of features for Apple News, Music, Podcasts, Maps ...

For iPhone 12, iOS 14.5 supports 5G on both SIMs, improving smart data mode, optimizing the user experience, while increasing battery life and saving mobile data.

This update also includes bug fixes and security enhancements. Most notably, the battery status warning system will recalibrate the maximum capacity and peak performance capacity on the iPhone 11.

Currently the iOS 14.5 update is available for all iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and above and iPod Touch gen 7. Users can upgrade through Settings =>General =>Software Update