What is ECC RAM?
4/9/2024 3:18:45 AM  71

ECC RAM is known as a type of RAM that has the ability to check and correct data errors, it helps increase the stability of the computer system as well as reduce the risk of data errors.

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How to Create Installer using Inno Setup
4/9/2024 3:13:36 AM  4.06K

How to create a setup file, add ms access database to setup using Inno Setup

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What is ARM architecture?
4/1/2024 6:41:21 AM  49

ARM architecture refers to a family of computer processors and instruction set architectures (ISAs) developed by ARM Holdings plc (formerly Advanced RISC Machines).

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Rest vs Restful web services
4/1/2024 1:55:14 AM  103

REST and RESTful web services are closely related concepts in the realm of web development, often used interchangeably.

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How to Install Dotfuscator Community
3/15/2024 7:00:31 AM  2.67K

This post shows you How to Install Dotfuscator Community in Visual Studio.

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What is Anti-Glare screen technology? Compare Anti-Glare screen and regular screen
3/11/2024 6:31:36 AM  87

Anti-glare screen technology, also known as matte screen technology, is a type of display surface treatment designed to reduce reflections and glare caused by ambient light sources.

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Windows Forms: Progress Bar in C#
2/20/2024 6:22:17 AM  6.49K

How to use Task Parallel with Progress Bar in C#. The Task Parallel Library is based on the concept of a task, which represents an asynchronous operation

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What Are RESTful Web Services?
2/19/2024 8:40:18 AM  61

A RESTful web service is a type of web service implementation that adheres to the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style.

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Config Error 'This configuration section cannot be used at this path'
2/12/2024 1:44:29 AM  137

How to fix error 'Config Error: This configuration section cannot be used at this path' when trying to load the home page, or access authentication on the new site in IIS

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DevExpress: Can't add NuGet Packages
1/14/2024 10:42:42 AM  6.36K

This post shows you how to fix error: 'The local source 'C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress 20.2\Components\System\Components\Packages' doesn't exist.'

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How to Fix a Frozen Windows 10 Taskbar
12/9/2021 8:32:54 AM  3.93K

This post show you how to to fix windows 10 taskbar frozen, unusable?

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How to Run Android Apps in Windows 11 from the Amazon App Store
11/2/2021 7:59:16 AM  3.64K

Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to support running Android apps on Windows 11. Users will install Android apps provided from the Amazon App Store to use on Windows 11.

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