Top 5 best Windows 10 error correction tools

This post shows you the Top 5 best Windows 10 error correction tools.

A faulty computer is something we don't want. If your computer has problems, the following tools will help you fix Windows errors.

Top 5 best Windows 10 error correction tools

Here are Top 5 Windows 10 error correction tools that you can refer to and use.

1. Windows Repair

The default Windows Repair tool can save you in emergencies. With Windows Repair, we can fix some errors related to Registry, files in windows system. However, this tool only appears when your computer fails or we have to use the USB that contains the Windows installer to start this tool.

2. Software Repair Tool

Software Repair Tool allows us to check the basic errors on the system such as 100% Disk error, dll files, crashes. This tool is suitable for general users who do not have much knowledge about software or repair. This tool is released by Microsoft so you can be assured of the safety of this tool.

You can download the Software Repair Tool at microsoft website.

3. FixWin

FixWin is a Windows repair tool for non-professional users with features and utilities for checking system errors and registry on Windows. FixWin has options for users to check and correct errors by listing common errors and making requests for users to choose and fix errors on Windows.

You can download the FixWin at thewindowsclub website.

4. Windows Troubleshoot

From Windows 10, Microsoft has integrated many good and useful features, including the feature to find and fix errors called Troubleshoot. Here, we can search for problems on Windows 10 such as network problems, audio errors, peripherals ... according to the list that Microsoft lists. To open this tool, go to Start menu => Settings => Update & Security => Troubleshoot.

5.  iObit Driver Booster

Sometimes drivers on your computer are heterogeneous and your computer has some hardware related errors such as driver drivers, peripherals (mice, keyboards). Using Driver Booster, we can fix and update drivers of hardware, peripherals quickly and conveniently.

You can download the Driver Booster at iobit website.