ASP.NET MVC: Getting Started

By FoxLearn 10/6/2019 11:02:54 AM   6.16K
This post shows you How to Create an ASP.NET Identity MVC 5 step-by-step in Visual Studio

What is ASP NET Framework?

ASP.NET is a framework designed for web development and developed by Microsoft to help programmers build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

To create a new ASP.NET Project, you can select File =>New=>Project

create project

Select the ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework), Next, you need to enter your project name, then click OK button.

new web application

You can also, check Web Forms or Web API if you want to develop your web application using Web Forms or Web API. As you know, Web Forms technology is too old.

If you want to you ASP.NET MVC Identity you can click the Change Authentication button. change authentication

Next, select your authentication type. In this case i'm selecting the Individual User Accounts, then click OK button.

After finishing creating the web project, when you press F5 to run. If you create an account from your website, you will see that the database is automatically created for your website.

You can easily find your database in the App_Data folder.