How to Download and Install Crystal Report Runtime

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To download and install Crystal Report Runtime, you typically follow these steps

What is Crystal Report Runtime

Crystal Reports Runtime is a component provided by SAP that allows applications to run Crystal Reports without requiring the full Crystal Reports designer software to be installed on the end user's machine. It's a business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources.

The Crystal Reports Runtime includes the necessary files and libraries to execute Crystal Reports within an application. Developers can integrate Crystal Reports into their software solutions, allowing users to view, print, and export reports without needing a separate installation of Crystal Reports.

Here are some key points about Crystal Reports Runtime:

  1. Integration: Crystal Reports Runtime can be integrated into various applications developed using programming languages like C#, VB.NET, Java, etc. It allows developers to embed reporting functionality seamlessly into their applications.

  2. Report Viewing: End users can view Crystal Reports within the application interface. The reports can contain various elements such as tables, charts, graphs, and formulas.

  3. Data Connectivity: Crystal Reports Runtime supports a wide range of data sources including databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and others, as well as spreadsheets, XML files, and more.

  4. Customization: Developers can customize the appearance and behavior of Crystal Reports within their applications to match the overall look and feel.

  5. Distribution: Crystal Reports Runtime allows developers to distribute applications with Crystal Reports functionality to end users without requiring them to separately install Crystal Reports designer software.

The Crystal Reports Runtime simplifies the deployment of applications that rely on Crystal Reports for generating and viewing reports, making it a valuable tool for developers in various

Where to download Crystal Reports Runtime

- Visit the SAP Crystal Solutions website (

- Navigate to the downloads section, then look for a section or menu option related to downloads. This is typically where you can find software downloads, including Crystal Reports Runtime.

- Choose the Correct Version, make sure you select the appropriate version of Crystal Reports Runtime for your needs. There might be different versions compatible with different programming languages or development environments.

- Review System Requirements before downloading, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements for installing and running Crystal Reports Runtime.

- Download the Installer: Once you've selected the correct version, follow the prompts to download the installer file to your computer.

You can download it from the following table contains the links to all versions of crystal reports.

Crystal Reports
Service Pack 33VS 2019 to VS 2020

Crystal download runtime report

SP 33

This is a 32 bit installer and will not work with VS 2022

32 Bit

64 Bit
VS 2022

SP 33 (64 Bit)

Crystal report runtime download 64-bit

Service Pack 32VS 2019 to VS 2010SP 32 (32 Bit) 32 Bit

64 Bit
VS 2022SP 32 (64 Bit)
Service Pack 31VS 2019 to VS 2010SP 3132 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 30VS 2019 to VS 2010SP 3032 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 29VS 2019 to VS 2010SP 2932 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 28
Version 13.0.28
VS 2019 to VS 2010SP 2832 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 27
Version 13.0.27
VS 2019 to VS 2010SP 2732 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 26
Version 13.0.26
VS 2019 to VS 2010SP 2632 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 25
Version 13.0.25
VS 2019 to VS 2010SP 2532 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 24
Version 13.0.24
VS 2017 to VS 2010SP 2432 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 23
Version 13.0.23
VS 2017 to VS 2010SP 2332 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 22
Version 13.0.22
VS 2017 to VS 2010SP 2232 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 21
Version 13.0.21

**Contains Breaking Changes
VS 2017 to VS 2010SP 2132 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 20
Version 13.0.20
VS 2015 to VS 2010SP 20 32 Bit

64 Bit
Service Pack 19
Version 13.0.19
VS 2015 to VS 2010SP 19 32 Bit
64 Bit
Service Pack 18
Version 13.0.18
VS 2015 to VS 2010SP 18 32 Bit
64 Bit

How to Install Crystal Report Runtime

After downloading the installer, double-click on the .msi file, then run it to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

install crystal report runtime

Clicking the Next button

install crystal report runtime

Selecting 'I accept the License Agreement', then click Next button

install crystal report runtime

You will see a warning screen appear if you have a previous version installed. If you continue, the installer will upgrade the version you are using to the new version.

install crystal report runtime

Click on Next to proceed, then click the Finish button to complete the installation process.