Data type SQL Server

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In SQL Server, various data types are available to store different types of data efficiently.

Here are some common data types used in SQL Server:

1. Numeric Data Types:

- INT: Integer data type for storing whole numbers.

- BIGINT: Large integer data type.

- DECIMAL/NUMERIC: Fixed-point decimal numbers.

- FLOAT/REAL: Floating-point numbers.

2. Character String Data Types:

- CHAR(n): Fixed-length character data type.

- VARCHAR(n): Variable-length character data type.

- TEXT: Variable-length character data for large text.

- NCHAR(n): Fixed-length Unicode character data.

- NVARCHAR(n): Variable-length Unicode character data.

- NTEXT: Variable-length Unicode character data for large text.

3. Date and Time Data Types:

- DATE: Date data type.

- TIME: Time data type.

- DATETIME: Date and time data type.

- DATETIME2: Date and time data type with higher precision.

- TIMESTAMP: Automatic timestamp value.

4. Binary Data Types:

- BINARY(n): Fixed-length binary data.

- VARBINARY(n): Variable-length binary data.

- IMAGE: Variable-length binary data for storing images or large binary objects.

5. Other Data Types:

- BIT: Boolean data type.

- UNIQUEIDENTIFIER: Globally unique identifier (GUID).

- XML: XML data type.

- JSON: JSON data type (available in newer versions).

These are just some of the data types available in SQL Server. Each data type serves a specific purpose and allows for efficient storage and manipulation of data within the database.