Keen IO Dashboard Admin Template

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Keen IO provided a robust analytics and visualization platform, but they did not specifically offer a dashboard admin template.

Keen IO primarily focused on providing APIs and tools for developers to embed analytics and data visualizations into their applications.

However, it's worth noting that many third-party dashboard templates and admin panels could be integrated with Keen IO for analytics and data visualization purposes. You can use Keen IO to integrate with different frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.js to create admin pages

It's a free web templates in html, it's hugely established name in the developer community, the Keen IO responsive admin dashboard template have been starred more than 8,000 times on GitHub.

These layout templates are composed of a minimal set of custom styles. This templates can work with any data source or charting library, but they're particularly streamlined to work with Keen IO's Dataviz SDK. You can also easily add some charts to your dashboard with just a few lines of code.

Free responsive dashboard templates

keen io responsive dashboard templates

One of the example templates is a template for checking in for how many different device activations your project has received. The community following for Keen is also great, so you can always check back on popular developer sites for insight and more templates to choose from.

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How to use admin dashboard templates

1. Download a copy of this repository as a zip file

2. Check out the various layouts and pick the one that best suits your needs, then find the template in the repository you downloaded at folder/layouts/(name-of-template).

3. Start editing