Windows Forms: Material Design Login Form in C#

This post shows you How to create a material login form using materialskin modern ui design in c# windows forms application.

The Material Skin is an open source support c# ui framework that helps you design a modern ui form using google material design.

How to create a login form in C#

To create a material login form in C# you can use material skin, you'll need to follow these steps

Open your project in Visual Studio, right-click on your project in the Solution Explorer, then select Manage NuGet Packages -> Search for "MaterialSkin" and install it

Design your login form in Visual Studio

Drag and drop MaterialSingleLineTextFiled, MaterialCheckBox, MaterialRaisedButtonDesign, MaterialDivider and MaterialLabel from the Visual Studio toolbox to your winform, then layout your ui login form as shown below.

If you don't see the material controls in your Visual Studio toolbox, you need to drag the material library into your Visual toolbox.

design material login form

To create the material design you need to change inheritance from your Form to MaterialForm as the following c# code.

// Add MaterialSkin components to your form
// Initialize MaterialSkinManager in your form constructor
public partial class Form1 : MaterialSkin.Controls.MaterialForm
    public Form1()
        //Init material skin
        MaterialSkin.MaterialSkinManager skinManager = MaterialSkin.MaterialSkinManager.Instance;
        skinManager.Theme = MaterialSkin.MaterialSkinManager.Themes.LIGHT;
        skinManager.ColorScheme = new MaterialSkin.ColorScheme(MaterialSkin.Primary.Green900, MaterialSkin.Primary.BlueGrey900, MaterialSkin.Primary.Blue500, MaterialSkin.Accent.Orange700, MaterialSkin.TextShade.WHITE);

    private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


c# material design login form

You can easily write c# form skin theme as show above to apply your winform. Through the material skin c# example, i hope so you can learn how to use material skin c# .net to create a modern ui using google material design principles.