Windows Forms: Metro TextBox in C#

This post shows you How to create Metro TextBox using Metro Framework Modern UI Design in C# Windows Forms Application.

Open your Visual Studio, then create a new Windows Forms Application project by clicking New Project, then select Visual C# on the left, and then select Windows Forms Application.

Next, Enter your project name is "MetroTextBoxDemo", then click OK.

How to use Metro TextBox in C#

The MetroTextBox is a control provided by the MetroFramework library, which is a set of modern controls for Windows Forms applications. To use MetroTextBox in C#, you'll first need to install the MetroFramework package using NuGet Package Manager.

Right-clicking on your project, then select Manage NuGet Packages -> Search for 'MetroFramework' and install it.

If you don't see the metro framework in your toolbox, you can view How to download and install metro framework

After installing MetroFramework, you need to add the necessary using directive at the top of your main form.

using MetroFramework.Forms;
using MetroFramework;

To make your winform support metro framework, you need to change the inheritance from the Form to MetroForm as the following c# code.

public partial class Form1 : Form


public partial class Form1 : MetroFramework.Forms.MetroForm

Drag and drop MetroTextBox controls from your Visual Studio toolbox to your windows forms application, then design a simple UI as shown below.

c# metro textbox

Finally, Add code to handle the button click event as the following c# code.

private void metroTextBox4_ButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    MetroFramework.MetroMessageBox.Show(this, "Thank you for watching this video !", "Message", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information);

Through the c# example above, i've shown you how to integrate and use MetroTextBox in C# Windows Forms application.