Connection string password with special characters in C#

By FoxLearn 6/21/2024 2:16:41 AM   52
When you create a connection string in C# that includes a password with special characters, it's important to properly format and escape those characters to ensure the connection string is interpreted correctly.

Here’s how to include a password with special characters in the connection string in c#.

If your password contains special characters like $, \, or ;, ensure they are properly escaped.

If your password contains single quotes (') or semicolons (;), it's safer to enclose the entire connection string in double quotes and use single quotes for the password.

For example:

// c# connection string password with special characters
string connectionString = "Server=.;Database=db;User Id=sa;Password='Pa&$w0rd';";

Special characters in passwords typically include \, ;, and " among others.

Use \\ for \, \" for ", and ensure semicolons ; are properly delimited if they appear in the password.

string connectionString = "Server=.;Database=db;User Id=sa;Password=myPa$$w0rd\"WithQuotes\"";

In the example above, myPa$$w0rd"WithQuotes" is a password containing a dollar sign ($) and double quotes ("), which are escaped appropriately.

By following these guidelines, you can construct and manage connection strings in C# that include passwords with special characters securely and effectively.