Windows Forms: MD5 encryption in C#

This tutorial shows you how to encrypt plan text using MD5 algorithm in C#.NET Windows Forms Application.

Drag the TextBox, Label and Button from your visual toolbox to your winform, then design your UI as shown below.

c# md5 encryption

This application allows you to enter the text, then encrypt your text by using md5 algorithm c#. You can also use the MD5 algorithm to encrypt your password in c# code for md5 encryption as shown below.

private void btnEncrypt_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    byte[] hashBytes = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(txtInput.Text);
    using (System.Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider md5 = new System.Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider())
        hashBytes = md5.ComputeHash(hashBytes);
        StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
        foreach (byte b in hashBytes)
        txtEncrypt.Text = stringBuilder.ToString();

To solve md5 c# implementation, we will convert the text into a byte array, then using c# md5 algorithm to computehash byte arrays. You need to use a loop to convert bytes to hexadecimal, you should use the StringBuilder class to help you append strings.

As you know, MD5 algorithm can't decrypt, some systems or website collect or generate md5, so you can track md5 encrypt data.